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Kingwood, Texas

Kingwood is about an hours’ drive north east of Houston, and enjoys a thriving and ever growing community. Kingwood.US is a premium website with a compelling brand for sale by Kingwood Marketing Company, Browserweb.com.

We Love our Job Matchmaking Service, you will too!

Kingwood Classifieds matches Kingwood Experts and Service Providers with Residents Directly for FREE! When you’re looking for local Kingwood service providers or talent, Kingwood Classifieds is here to help.  A totally free service, you can either review “Experts” online or you can “Post o Job”.  Experts will apply to your new job listing, be it garden services, tax preparation or that home improvement job you’ve been putting off for a while.


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I have a small plumbing business and Kingwood Classifieds has helped attract more local Kingwood customers and residents, which I prefer. I’m not a fan of long road trips.

Joe Plumber

I live in Kingwood and prefer local contractors. Kingwood Classifieds is the easy way to post a job and get local candidates.

Sandi Jones

Kingwood Classifieds in a great website that is mobile friendly and I can email or call the service provider easily. It’s nice to have a modern, user-friendly local Kingwood online portal. Five stars!

Jack Brown


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Premium Domains + Exclusive Brands for Sale

We sell highly sought after premium domain names and Kingwood is our home town.  So we love the selection of domain names that will help your business convert new visitors or residents living in the Kingwood area into actual happy customers.

We have a select range of premium Kingwood related domains for sale as well as other great brands and domains for sale in our portfolio listed here.

Kingwood is  “the livable forest” and here’s your opportunity to grow tall with a great keyword rich domain name!  If you are looking to trade, sell or buy domains or online businesses, talk to us first or you can list for free your own portfolio of domains, brands or online businesses in the Kingwood Classifieds section.