Easter Link Lovin’

A few of my favorite Easter finds from around the web……

JDC Easter Table

Emily at Jones Design Company designed 4 fabulous table settings to inspire you.

{the one above was my favorite}


Easter Printanble Tag

Jamilyn at I Heart Naptime created the cutest darn printable and gift idea!!


Bunny Mocktails

Angie from Echoes of Laughter teamed up with Tatertots and Jello to make some healthy, fruit-filled, “bunny-mocktails”.  My kids are going to LOVE these!!


neutral spring printables

And catering to my love “neutral” decor, Taryn at Design, Diapers, and Dining, rocked my world with these FREE spring printables.


Happy One Year Anniversary to our home……

It’s been a little over one year since we moved into our “Dream Home”.


We first looked at this house in March 2012.  It was two months after Isabelle had been born and we had officially made the decision to start “looking” for a new home.  Every Sunday we would check out the Home Guide in our local newspaper and would contact our realtor if something “caught our eye”.  This one did.

So we went and looked at it.  And we liked it a lot.  It didn’t have a whole lot of character on the outside, but the inside was almost perfect.  Almost being the key word.

Getting a new house is such a big decision.  And we had a specific list of needs and wants that we were praying over and believing for……..

four bedrooms

three car garage


nice big backyard

the driveway could not be facing North {that’s a husband-ism}

a fireplace

a deep soaking tub {this mama likes her bubble-baths}

nice size master closet

family room

new construction {preferably}

in our budget!!

And unfortunately, the “almost perfect” house, had only 3 bedrooms and was over our budget by $40,000.  Bummer!! So in the year that followed we kept looking.  Staying patient.  Checking the Home Guide every Sunday.  Looking online every couple of days.  And calling our realtor if something caught our eye.

Then in January 2013 we decided that we just didn’t want to stay any longer in our getting smaller every single day house.  So we took a GYNORMOUS leap of faith and put our house on the market. Scary!!

Every single day I would get online and check out houses.  I was a little nervous that our house would sell and we would have no where to live.  Which was totally unrealistic since we have family in town that we could’ve stayed with, but still…..I wanted to find “the one”.

And you know what???  One day, while searching online, that house we looked at almost a year before popped up as a 4-bedroom home and was all of a sudden in our price range.  What???

So we called our realtor and she said “let me do some checking…..I can’t believe {after an entire year} that one is still on the market” and then she said “did they add a fourth bedroom??”.  And guess what…….it was and they had!! And they had dropped the price by $40,000, therefore getting into our budget.  Yay!!

Now, we were in need of our house to sell {super fast} so we could make an offer on our “dream house”.

One week later, we got a full price offer and the deal was done!! Awesome!!!

To be honest I still can’t believe that we own our “dream house”.  It’s so fun to go back and look at my prayer journal and see every item on my wish list checked off.  Not to mention the extra’s that came with this home…..

granite counters

stainless steel appliances

a lovely kitchen island

tile flooring

an absolutely perfect main-floor laundry room

gorgeous mountain views

awesome neighbors

quiet street

deer and antelope in my backyard

And that’s just to name a few!! Amazing!!

The one thing it’s lacking {because it’s a new construction} is character.  So I’ve spent this past year, “getting to know” my new home.  And now my head is FULL of character-adding ideas.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to be creating some Inspiration Boards to share with you so you can have an idea of what my vision is for our splendid little home.  Aren’t you excited?!?!


Learning something new……

Last fall when I decided to start this little blog, I signed up for The Blog Class taught by Emily at Jones Design Company.  To say I’m thankful for that decision is an understatement!! She and her hubby, Ryan, taught me so much and looking back, I can’t imagine doing it on my own.   When you start your own blog, there’s so much to learn, to figure out, and so many questions that need answered.

There’s so much that goes into running a blog and I quickly discovered that knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator would be very beneficial to the overall appearance and quality of my posts.  So about two months ago I decided to try to “figure out” both of those programs.  Oh my, intimidating!! I opened up the programs, clicked a few buttons and promptly said “heck no”!!!

Then a few weeks later, not wanting to be a quitter, I decided to play around with Photoshop.  I did some research online {got some help from this post from Young House Love} and sure enough, I’m starting to get a basic understanding of that super-complex program.  Yay for little victories!!!

After discovering that I wasn’t completely incompetent, I decided to be brave and check out Illustrator again.   Here’s how it went the second time…..open up Illustrator, look at all the options to click on, hyperventilate a little, close Illustrator.  I was frustrated and pretty much resigned to the fact that creating my own web-graphics just wasn’t going to happen.

Then one day, the heavens opened up and a stream of glorious light flooded down in the form of an announcement from Jones Design Company.  Emily, in all her graphic-design wisdom, had created a new class teaching newbies like me how to use Adobe Illustrator.  What ensued was a hallelujah,  cartwheels across my living room, break out a few of my old cheerleader moves in celebration kind of moment!!

So…….for the past few weeks {during Isabelle’s nap time} I’ve been working on the Simplified Graphic Design class.  And you know what? I’m starting to figure a few things out.  I don’t hyperventilate anymore when I open up Illustrator so that in itself is a HUGE victory.  I’m only about 1/3 of the way through and I have a ton more to learn, but I’m excited and gaining some confidence.

And……hopefully…..someday…..in the near future……I will be able to show off some of my super-awesome graphic design skills.

Stay tuned!!



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